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Van Rental Options

Whether your dream is a romantic getaway to the California vineyards or just a trip to the store without any bickering from the kids, every good journey begins with a van rental. Spacious, comfortable, and versatile, our vans raise travel standards.

Essentially, vans give everyone room to breathe on the road. To rent a van, request a reservation online with Smith’s Rent-A-Car in Santa Rosa, CA. You can also contact us at 707-584-7900.

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Incredible Selection

Our large selection makes it easy to find a van for every occasion. From moving to a new apartment to transporting the entire soccer team, we have your travel needs covered. Below are some of your options:

  • Minivans: In addition to space for your whole family, minivan rentals also provide a comfortable environment and a smooth ride. Studies are even showing that they have higher safety ratings than many SUVs.
  • Passenger Vans: If you need to transport a large group of people, we have the best selection of passenger van rentals in the North Bay area. These vehicles are perfect for church groups, athletic teams, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts troops, and other organizations. Additionally, our prices are incredible. We charge significantly less than the major rental chains.
  • Cargo Vans: Experience the efficiency of a cargo van rental. Whether you need to make a delivery to a client or transport your dorm furniture back home, these vans were specially designed to accommodate all types of goods.

Smith’s Philosophy

When you choose Smith’s Rent-A-Car, you know you’re getting a good deal. But we don’t stop there—we also complement our incredible prices with excellent service. Everyone is welcome in our facility, and we rent to young drivers (ages 21-24) as well as customers with poor credit scores. You also have the option to pay with cash, debit cards, or credit cards. Additionally, we offer a long-term van rental that helps you realize major savings. Read our policies for more details.

Our van rentals book fast, so request your reservation today! In addition to vans, we also offer car rentals, truck rentals, SUV rentals, U-Haul rentals, and other vehicles from Smith’s Rent-A-Car. If you’re interested in buying, we have a large selection of used car sales, and we, also, provide storage services for your RV, boat, or car. Contact us at 707-584-7900 for more information.